1. Ajay Kumar (Aktor Terkecil Dunia)

Aktor Komedi India Ajay Kumar telah resmi diakui sebagai aktor terkecil di dunia. Kumar, yang memiliki tinggi 75 cm telah berhasil masuk ke Guinness Book of World Records setelah membintangi lebih dari 50 film dari usia 13 tahun. Lebih dikenal dengan nama panggung Unda Pakru, bintang kecil telah menjadi nama marga di daerah aslinya, Kerala Setelah meraih ketenaran dan keberuntungan lewat aktingnya, Ajay bahkan dianggap sebagai sukses yang memenuhi syarat yang diinginkan sebuah keluarga yang ingin mencarikan seorang suami yang baik untuk anak perempuan mereka. menikah pada tahun 2005 dengan istrinya Gayatri yang mempunyai tinggi 150 cm, pernikahanya disiarkan di televisi lokal di seluruh negara bagian India barat daya. 2. Chen Li Guilan & Tangyong (Pasangan Terpendek di Dunia)

Dua warga Cina pengantin baru berharap untuk masuk ke buku rekor sebagai pasangan terpendek di dunia. Chen Guilan, 70 cm, dari kota Shunde, Cina, menikahi Li Tangyong, 67 cm pada Oktober 2007. 3. Edward Nino Hernandez (Pemegang rekor Manusia Terkecil Dunia September 2010)

Edward Nino Hernandez secara resmi disebut sebagai manusia hidup terpendek di dunia pada tanggal 4 September 2010, oleh Guinness World Records. Pada usia 24 tahun Hernandez mempunyai tinggi 0,7 m, dan berat 10 kg . Hernandez tinggal di Bogota, Kolombia, dan tubuhnya tidak tumbuh lagi sejak ulang tahun ke-2nya.Mengapa pertumbuhan tubuhnya berhenti, bagaimanapun,hal itu tetap misteri. Rekor Hernandez berakhir pada tanggal 14 Oktober 2010 ketika Khagendra Thapa Magar dari Nepal berusia 18 dinyatakan lebih pendek darinya. 4. Khagendra Thapa Magar (Pemegang Rekor Manusia Terkecil Dunia Oktober 2010)

Khagendra Thapa Magar (lahir 14 Oktober 1992), putra Rup Bahadur dan Dhana Maya Thapa Magar, adalah pria terpendek di dunia, dengan tinggi 0,67 m . Dahulu dia memegang rekor remaja terpendek di dunia, Magar memegang rekor pria terpendek menggantikan Edward Nino Hernandez ketika ia berusia 18 pada 14 Oktober 2010. Magar adalah kurcaci primordial. Dia kehilangan Gelar Rekor "Manusia Terpendek Dunia" pada tanggal 12 Juni 2011, digantikan Junrey Balawing dari Filipina 5. Jyoti Amge (Gadis Terkecil di Dunia)

Jyoti Amge remaja India 15 tahun adalah gadis terkecil di dunia dengan berat sekitar 5kg dan tinggi sekitar 58 cm. Dia memiliki bentuk dwarfisme disebut achodroplasia dan tidak akan pernah tumbuh lebih tinggi. Meskipun tidak begitu bahagia dengan keadaan fisiknya, kini Jyoti bangga menjadi yang terkecil di dunia dan dia banyak mendapat perhatian khusus dari orang-orang di sekitarnya. Jyoti mempunyai harapan bahwa dia satu hari masuk ke Bollywood sebagai seorang aktris.

6. Verne Troyer Verne Troyer

verne troyer

This 40-year old actor, famous for playing Mini-Me in Austin Powers, is now just as famous for his private antics as his professional. Ini aktor berusia 40 tahun, terkenal untuk bermain Mini-Me di Austin Powers, sekarang hanya sebagai terkenal karena kejenakaan swasta sebagai profesional. The self-confessed sex addict was the latest celebrity to fall foul of a sex tape scandal, after private moments between him and his former girlfriend, Ranae Shrider, were leaked. Pecandu seks mengaku diri adalah selebriti terbaru untuk jatuh enak skandal sex tape, setelah saat-saat pribadi antara dia dan mantan pacarnya, Ranae Shrider, yang bocor. He is no stranger to reality TV however, and is currently doing a stint on Celebrity Big Brother UK, where he has been seen getting sozzled on Champagne, flirting with the ladies, and causing havoc on his mobility scooter. Dia tidak asing ke TV realitas Namun, dan saat ini sedang melakukan tugas di Celebrity Big Brother UK, di mana dia telah terlihat masuk mabuk pada Champagne, menggoda dengan wanita, dan menyebabkan kerusakan pada skuter mobilitas nya.

7. Danny Devito Danny DeVito

Danny Devito

This huge movie star stands at just 4”11 tall. Bintang film besar berdiri di hanya 4 "11 tinggi. He was born in Neptune, New Jersey, to a middle class family, and decided to go into acting at an early age. Ia dilahirkan di Neptune, New Jersey, untuk sebuah keluarga kelas menengah, dan memutuskan untuk pergi ke dunia akting pada usia dini. After getting his big break in Taxi, Devito went on to star in blockbusters such as Other People's Money, LA Confidential, Batman and Heist. Setelah mendapatkan terobosan besar di Taksi, DeVito pergi ke bintang di film-film seperti Uang Orang Lain, LA Rahasia, Batman dan Heist. He continues to act, but also branched into producing, with films such as Pulp Fiction and Erin Brockovich under his belt. Dia terus bertindak, tapi juga bercabang menjadi memproduksi, dengan film seperti Pulp Fiction dan Erin Brockovich di bawah ikat pinggang.


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7 Manusia Terpendek Di Dunia

Though Robin and Joan Rolfs owned two rare talking dolls manufactured by Thomas Edison’s phonograph company in 1890, they did not dare play the wax cylinder records tucked inside each one.

The Rolfses, longtime collectors of Edison phonographs, knew that if they turned the cranks on the dolls’ backs, the steel phonograph needle might damage or destroy the grooves of the hollow, ring-shaped cylinder. And so for years, the dolls sat side by side inside a display cabinet, bearers of a message from the dawn of sound recording that nobody could hear.

In 1890, Edison’s dolls were a flop; production lasted only six weeks. Children found them difficult to operate and more scary than cuddly. The recordings inside, which featured snippets of nursery rhymes, wore out quickly.

Yet sound historians say the cylinders were the first entertainment records ever made, and the young girls hired to recite the rhymes were the world’s first recording artists.

Year after year, the Rolfses asked experts if there might be a safe way to play the recordings. Then a government laboratory developed a method to play fragile records without touching them.


The technique relies on a microscope to create images of the grooves in exquisite detail. A computer approximates — with great accuracy — the sounds that would have been created by a needle moving through those grooves.

In 2014, the technology was made available for the first time outside the laboratory.

“The fear all along is that we don’t want to damage these records. We don’t want to put a stylus on them,” said Jerry Fabris, the curator of the Thomas Edison Historical Park in West Orange, N.J. “Now we have the technology to play them safely.”

Last month, the Historical Park posted online three never-before-heard Edison doll recordings, including the two from the Rolfses’ collection. “There are probably more out there, and we’re hoping people will now get them digitized,” Mr. Fabris said.

The technology, which is known as Irene (Image, Reconstruct, Erase Noise, Etc.), was developed by the particle physicist Carl Haber and the engineer Earl Cornell at Lawrence Berkeley. Irene extracts sound from cylinder and disk records. It can also reconstruct audio from recordings so badly damaged they were deemed unplayable.

“We are now hearing sounds from history that I did not expect to hear in my lifetime,” Mr. Fabris said.

The Rolfses said they were not sure what to expect in August when they carefully packed their two Edison doll cylinders, still attached to their motors, and drove from their home in Hortonville, Wis., to the National Document Conservation Center in Andover, Mass. The center had recently acquired Irene technology.


Cylinders carry sound in a spiral groove cut by a phonograph recording needle that vibrates up and down, creating a surface made of tiny hills and valleys. In the Irene set-up, a microscope perched above the shaft takes thousands of high-resolution images of small sections of the grooves.

Stitched together, the images provide a topographic map of the cylinder’s surface, charting changes in depth as small as one five-hundredth the thickness of a human hair. Pitch, volume and timbre are all encoded in the hills and valleys and the speed at which the record is played.

At the conservation center, the preservation specialist Mason Vander Lugt attached one of the cylinders to the end of a rotating shaft. Huddled around a computer screen, the Rolfses first saw the wiggly waveform generated by Irene. Then came the digital audio. The words were at first indistinct, but as Mr. Lugt filtered out more of the noise, the rhyme became clearer.

“That was the Eureka moment,” Mr. Rolfs said.

In 1890, a girl in Edison’s laboratory had recited:

There was a little girl,

And she had a little curl


Right in the middle of her forehead.

When she was good,

She was very, very good.

But when she was bad, she was horrid.

Recently, the conservation center turned up another surprise.

In 2010, the Woody Guthrie Foundation received 18 oversize phonograph disks from an anonymous donor. No one knew if any of the dirt-stained recordings featured Guthrie, but Tiffany Colannino, then the foundation’s archivist, had stored them unplayed until she heard about Irene.

Last fall, the center extracted audio from one of the records, labeled “Jam Session 9” and emailed the digital file to Ms. Colannino.

“I was just sitting in my dining room, and the next thing I know, I’m hearing Woody,” she said. In between solo performances of “Ladies Auxiliary,” “Jesus Christ,” and “Dead or Alive,” Guthrie tells jokes, offers some back story, and makes the audience laugh. “It is quintessential Guthrie,” Ms. Colannino said.

The Rolfses’ dolls are back in the display cabinet in Wisconsin. But with audio stored on several computers, they now have a permanent voice.

Ghostly Voices From Thomas Edison’s Dolls Can Now Be Heard

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